My Baby (Virtual Pet)


"My Baby Virtual Pet" is the easiest and most exciting way to experience what it's like to have a newborn baby. You will learn how to take a good care of your adorable virtual son (or daughter) which includes: feed, play, talk, take a bath with the baby, etc...

Your newborn baby would let you know any time he/she needs your attention just as a real baby! : )

P.S. Before you start using "My Baby (Virtual Pet)", please have a quick look over the instructions:

✔ Name your newborn baby
✔ Pick the most suitable profile for your baby by simply sliding your fingertips to the left/right
✔ Tap the baby face to make him/her laugh
✔ Make sure your baby is always fed by playing the milk games
✔ Hold the "milk" button to feed the baby
✔ Hold the "shower-cloud" button to bathe the baby
✔ Hold the "smiley" button to give the rattle toy to your baby
✔ Tap the "lamp" button to put your baby to sleep
✔ Tap the "rec" button to record your voice
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